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Quentin, Der Ubermensch

2015-02-19 22:19:40 by FordV8

Title of a 40's minute full instrumental concept album I'm making now. It will have a 12-20 minute epic that (hopefully) is going to sound like this.




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2015-02-27 21:15:59

I'd totally buy your album.

FordV8 responds:

It will be free on bandcamp, but feel free to donate some bucks.


2015-03-11 13:45:05


FordV8 responds:

BRB gotta sabotage israelli nukes.


2015-03-26 04:58:39



2015-04-06 15:33:22

.22's are for old people and faggots
.45 hollow point is best for self defense.


2015-04-25 12:32:36



2015-08-12 05:32:58

I love Rick Wakeman's music... ever see him on Top Gear? Racing around a test track after a few heart attacks O_O Hey, how's your pony car been doing? We got some baby sized potholes up this way, think one screwed up the front end of the truck while my sis was here tearing about :|

FordV8 responds:

Oh hi Vic, I've been not going to NG for a while, gotta focus on my study. I wanted to improve my animation skill, but this godamn ADHD is really killing my motivation man...
btw I lied about my age, you know :^) I'm only 20 yrs old.

I'm a HUGE fan of rick wakeman, I love everything he made, even the "Rock And Roll Prophet Plus" album. He's the most active progressive rock musician, releasing like a hundred albums to pay his apartment rent, and IMO he's the best romantic/baroque composer of the late 20th century. He has a decent popularity in britain, he has appeared in many talk shows and comedy shows.
I'm not surprised with him appearing in top gear, wakeman's a car enthusiast. He got a pretty nasty highway accident in his BMW M5. I think he should be their new host, since those faggy brits fired jeremy clarkson for his "rayciss" jokes.

Pony car? Oh, the mustang, dad sold it last year to some redheaded irish dude. No one was driving it anyway, it just sat alone in dark in his garage for like a couple of months. None in my family has a big enough ego to drive that stang everyday anyway, I'd rather drive the 40's mpg fiesta.


2015-08-25 19:38:27

Holy shit, an even 100 fans! 20, huh? If that's the only lie, it only makes your accomplishments all the more impressive. Animations's like painting a string, until it gets to the thickness of a small tree.. sucks ass, but a productive waste of time, I did the same shit with video (fucking cassette tapes).

Yeah, just saw the last episode a week ago, woof... and after all those years :( Wakeman likely is the best 20th century baroque composer, very clean style.

Pff, the guidos and their parents love those things around suburban NJ. Fuck, I met a guy with a Maserati Quadroporte at McD's while waiting for burgers one night... he glossed over my question about the paddle shifter, so he might've had an early one. Glad gas prices dropped, filled up the truck and a 5 gal container for 50$ yay!

So, you're studying.. for animation? I'd reverse engineer something like this

FordV8 responds:

Thanks Vic, but many kids my age out there have accomplished much more than me. Rick Wakeman already played for David Bowie at age 19.

Well, I'm actually studying Computer Information Systems at college. Yeah, I don't like it, it's fucking boring, but again, all STEM majors are boring but I need it to get a good job. It ain't easy to get a job these days, they still pay a decent wage to cable guys and toilet cleaners though. So I guess I'll be focusing on other things I like, like making animations later after college.

Guidos, heh? They look like straight outta jersey shore on mtv. Why are they so brown? I like itallians, I know a few good traditional catholic italian families, not these kind of party clowns. Quadroporte, These are sleek looking sedans with ferrari engine if I'm not wrong. They're quick too, but not as stupid fast as Hellcat Charger I guess!


2015-08-27 10:28:54

Yeah, maybe kids have done better than you, so fucking what? I care about individual people and their submissions, not Hollywood or Youtube or TV, cable, how old they were, or any of that.

You're aiming for an urban life and a job that will cover expenses, good to aim high! The only way you'd survive cleaning toilets, would be to live a few hours away (in a deserted town) from a good sized city. Cable guy could live in a city's cheaper surburbs, a safe one if there's a wife working... Still, it's good to keep up with fucking around, trying shit out, like you've been doing, for your own amusement...

Yeah, the guidos moved south, my family's farm and 20th century tech became redundant, the land good for rich Indian families... so in less than a month, I gotta split, and try to pick up where my grandparents left off, being somewhere of use, idk, don't mean to hijack your train of thought. Haven't seen the Hellcat in action, but did see a 100K Audi in action,_13._M%C3%A4rz_2011,_Wuppertal.jpg much torque, quiet, the RPM's seem low at a damn decent acceleration... at first glance I thought it was a Lexus LFA (wishful thinking) Also have a drag strip less than 15 minutes away, but haven't been there in years. Had press credentials one time, shot the Summernationals (NHRA) about 15 feet away from the track. Best part: the smell of spent nitrous and burnt rubber melted into my sinuses for almost a week afterward, it was like having the ultimate stink finger lol

FordV8 responds:

Well, I mean kids my age can do certain things better than me. I can do a bit of drawing, I can do a bit of computer programming, I can do a bit of songwriting, but I can't be an expert on any. How do I get a good job that I like if it keeps going on like this? I should try harder I guess, still got a few years to go.


2015-09-06 14:50:13

Don't feel bad, I'm in the same boat: lots of skills, master of none of them. When I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was to farm by myself and have a bunch of cats around.... should've wished for better, sooner. When I got older I thought my life experiences would prove worthy in entertainment, via writing and producing video... nope, the Jews really do have it sewn up, not that they're bad at it.

FordV8 responds:

Hey, my dad have the same problem too. I think should learn from the elders.


2015-09-09 06:56:39

All my elders are dead, except my bro and sis, and they're not anything special (either). I do what I can to remember all the arcane knowledge I've learned from others growing up. There's one or two guys here that are older than me, really appreciate their friendship... Ma always said, only your true friends will tell you, you stink, if you do stink