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Quentin, Der Ubermensch

2015-02-19 22:19:40 by FordV8

Title of a 40's minute full instrumental concept album I'm making now. It will have a 12-20 minute epic that (hopefully) is going to sound like this.



Caught cheating in my college exam

2015-01-18 20:50:30 by FordV8

Fuckin call the cops I don't give a fuck.4221858_142163220713_pepeisis.png

I predicted paris terrorism attack on my flash movie that got blamed on 3 January. I didn't predict that it could be an Israelli false flag attack though, but I did criticize Israelis a lot on that movie.


lol that was some lucky forecast.

My Apology

2014-10-25 23:35:08 by FordV8

I'm sorry for publishing the shillfest comic on newgrouds. I didn't know shadman's underage boypussy rape porns are more acceptable than some humble politically incorrect opinion. You know, I've been reading a lot of "taboo" political books lately, from Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, The Holocaust Industry, to Did Six Million Really Die and Mein Kampf.  I wouldn't say my mind is polluted because I don't simply believe the whole thing those books are trying to tell, but they really have changed my view of this world radically. I might sound like an ass in this post, but believe me, I'm not trying to.

I'll respect your political opinions if it's reasonable and I hope you would too. Cheers :3

Ferguson Chimp Out Riot

2014-08-11 00:24:07 by FordV8

Oh boy.


They "fought" for a justice for this "innocent" youth. How heroic.



2014-06-04 09:27:05 by FordV8

Degeneracy is destroying the society. Sexual revolution, pornography, ignoracy, and materialism especially. This situation today is ABSOLUTELY like in that book The Brave New World, if Big Brother conquers the world with guns and oppression in 1984, in Brave new World he conquers us with everything we like! Degeneracy is fun, and thus humans become ignorant and the guvmin can hide the truth easily from us. That;s why it's dumbing us down.

We always talk about how black people were enslaved and oppressed by the white people in the old ages, but in fact they're (and us) still opressed by the welfare and privilege. We always talk about how bad Hitler and Stalin were for oppressing people, but in fact ISRAEL is still doing that to the palestines! If you don't agree with the government and their indoctrinated people, you'll be labelled a racist, sexist, homophobe, bigot, antisemite, intolerant, or anything that doesn't always make sense. If you're in europe, you could get jailed for making a "hate" speech on a fuken TWITTER, the NSA shills are always watching you.

And this shit is really happening right here right now. Even in this website. probably



2014-05-16 04:29:05 by FordV8



                    4221858_140022900842_absolutedisgusting.jpg4221858_140022904861_tyrone.jpgBIX NOOOOODA SHIEEEEEIEIIEIEIIIIIIT



Swedish Nasionalists destroy degenerate "art"

2014-04-11 22:31:21 by FordV8

These are trully degenerate morally corrupt "art" pieces that deserve to be destroyed. Good job right wingers.

Buddha Was a Tranny??

2014-03-05 10:36:27 by FordV8


Should I mad, should I cringe, or should I just laugh? Can't tell if this mentally challenged dude is serious or just dumb. Words can't describe this kind of blashpemy. Do real buddhists find this offensive? 

Maybe we should just sit back, stay calm, keep doing what we're supposed to today and tommorow, and laugh at the moral decaying that is slowly eating our society like cancer. They refuse to change anyway. Just keep your kids away from these degeneracy.

Ukraine Riot: The RPG Game

2014-02-21 21:28:08 by FordV8

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