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Swedish Nasionalists destroy degenerate "art"

4/11/14 by FordV8
Updated 4/11/14

These are trully degenerate morally corrupt "art" pieces that deserve to be destroyed. Good job right wingers.


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Yup, that's the couple alright |:

Yeah, it's easy to sit back and let uncle sam wipe your ass after feeding you, when you come from a culture of leaning on the working public... For 25 years I paid into welfare, and when I needed it, I had to jump through so many hoops... more than if I were a women, or a poor city dweller |:

Haha, I'm sure a lot of the ppl I met at pico day say the same of me!



Whoa man, interesting stuff indeed! At first I thought the article was gonna focus on the millionaire welfare cheats... they hit up 3 states, not just one, like the city-plebs. They caught the couple earlier this year... As for the headlining quote, I used to rag on Ronnie Reagan a lot the past century, and while he had faults in his administration, he had a good heart.

Thanks for the link, can't wait to enjoy it in an 'after NG' session (more security in place, but not enough lol).

5/15/14 FordV8 responds:

They have like 3 mill in bank accounts and they bought a 1 mill yatch, that's why obongo welfare is crap. I know many people, mostly black and healthy, who lived almost solely on foodstamps. Damn, I hope the government would stop spoonfeeding dawgs like them. Liberals would say this is racist but facts are sometimes "racist".

That dude on the link is chris chan, that guy is pathetic as fuck. Sure I feel bad for him, but his life is really hilarious.



YouTube, Toll Brothers, the drug companies... the chemical/food companies really get run of the mill, so that helps the medical leeches get more bucks :|

5/14/14 FordV8 responds:

Still better than autismbux, check this out real funny:



People serving the machine, instead of the opposite. Yeah, that's why they safely interrogate ppl by proxy, pay consumer research groups to pick the brains of the rank and file drones. Big bucks |:

5/12/14 FordV8 responds:

Capitalist style bro.



Most execs I've met, are so far removed from life on the ground, any creativity in amoral actions, probably came from their hungry, lower ranks. It really is like pre-revolutionary America these days; big companies pulling the strings of the leaders...

5/11/14 FordV8 responds:

That's what usually happen if a company grow big, the structure would be less and less organic and turn into mechanic. The inflexibility of mechanic organizations will affect their staffs.



I know, but I'm prejudiced against Intel, for all the dirty pool they played, back in the day. Apple's just as bad, as was Microsoft.... Can't really get anywhere unless you draw some blood I guess...

5/10/14 FordV8 responds:

All corporations play "the dirty pool" to remove competitors, some are just more creative than others.

Glad to hear IV rang your bell, it's the one game I have, but can't play yet. A kid got it off torrents for me a while back, but I forgot they released it for dual chip systems... at first they said it could work on a single chip CPU, but I guess I blocked out the bad news. I got 2 or 3 frames a second from my 2.4 Ghz single core AMD, but to be fair the video card was kack.

I'm going to see if I can't get a Geforce GTX 750 Ti... I can't see spending over 2 bills for a video card |:

5/9/14 FordV8 responds:

Get something like i5 processor, and GTX 750 seem too much for a 2008 game I think.

I got burned on a few early Star Wars games, but the later ones were totally kick ass. I played the first DF demo to death! Fallout 3 itself is a real hoot. How about GTA or Burnout? Still haven't got the gear to run the last 2 GTA's... but soon, I hope.

5/9/14 FordV8 responds:

DF2 is much better than the first one. Burnout, I've played that on PS2 long ago, but I liked Driver better. I love GTA IV so much, everything is very realistic especially graphics and driving, and the ragdoll physics are so rad. GTA V is like san andreas all over again, unrealistic driving and huge open world, missions are overly long, not as good as IV for me.

'War. War never changes...'
Now that line, I knew before a lot of Newgrounders were even an itch in their daddy's pants |:
Ever play Fallout?
It's odd, I've been on a M*A*S*H binge, ever since I found a TV archive db to stream from.... it's tricky work, with a single core 32 bit turd made over 11 years ago.

5/9/14 FordV8 responds:

War changes though, as technology and society progress. People are just not critical enough to think that modern wars aren't black and white like 2000 years ago. The cause of war is really complicated today.
Fallout? I played my friend's Fallout 3 New Vegas, interesting RPG FPS. Never played the older ones though, about old games I used to play Star Wars Dark Forces II, Driver: The Wheelman, and Half Life on my old pentium III pc. Dark Forces II and Driver, those are probably the greatest games ever made. The only game better than DFII is the sequel itself, Jedi Outcast. Man, thinking about DF2 again makes my skin crawl, that lightsaber is the greatest thing ever existed in FPS games.

Well, all I'll say is, war is worse than hell, because it doesn't discriminate... and the worse survivors of war, write the history... like a remora victory.

5/8/14 (Updated 5/8/14) FordV8 responds:

War against humans should never be justified.

Yeah, idk wtf was up with Harry Truman... on a whim, he decided to play a role from the end of the Bible. Not saying Jews shouldn't be there, but running the region? No, bad move, should be run by a council of the major religions there. Was surprised to see even Thomas Paine writing about how Jewish folk shouldn't be leaders.. and synagogues should be built of wood, as it says in the Torah.... haven't seen any of them lately, most look like fallout shelters. Eh, otherwise, they're just folk....

5/8/14 FordV8 responds:

It's because of the victim complex, world leaders force us to sympathize everything Jewish because they suffered the shoah (which is proven to have some faked photos and the number is probably heavily exaggerated through "researches"). WW2 was actually a war between German and British Zionists.

Yeah I'm still playing catch-up with this site and the farm, thanks to last weekend.

Here's a good article, a little spooky but...

5/5/14 (Updated 5/5/14) FordV8 responds:

Does he consider that the existence of Israel is a good thing? For me, Israel is as bad as Nazi Germany and commie Soviet. Zionism is now just a political propaganda made by atheist Jews solely for money and profit (notice the high amount of American aid to Israel?). Many rabbis are against Zionism and the ZOG. There's a reason why Jesus wept over Jerusalem.



Nah, didn't read the article, but welfare is kinda like slavery... more like veal.
I will speak your name at cult central (NGHQ) Saturday, and all the names of all who could not be there in person.

5/3/14 FordV8 responds:

Sorry I didn't reply your comment, this has been a busy week.



I don't think any female gimmick accounts exist lol

4/25/14 FordV8 responds:

Well, there's sonicfangirl01.



We've got so many layers of regulations, it's starting to peel, like old paint.

4/25/14 FordV8 responds:

You're right, probably we need more freedom like what ron paul said.

Have you heard the news about cliven bundy making "racist" remark yesterday? I don't understand what's so racist about comparing welfare to slavery.



Yeah, it used to be. For almost everyone it wasn't considered double or triple dipping, it basically upped the coverage for ppl with more than one job, or a spouse in the house, which helped even more. But then these token policies became expensive and ppl didn't mind getting sick and dying, because there were still donations from big companies that did business locally.... then they stopped the bank sucked even more money out....

4/24/14 FordV8 responds:

People are selfish, that's always the problem. Job health insurance is supposed to be a gimmick but it needs some new regulations.



He doesnt accept your comments because you are banned from his page or he just doesn't approve them? he doesnt post my comments when they are lewd or off-topic. Part of his gimmick is being able to respond in some subtly humorous in each of his posts. You can't make a clever response to everything!

4/24/14 FordV8 responds:

It's a he? I always thought supergandhi is a girl.
Well, he moderates the comments and my comments just don't appear. No, not lewd, probably off topic or he just doesn't like me... Probably because we disagreed so many times in the forums or when I tried to be funny I kinda sound like asshole to him.



Yeah, I agree, there's no moral center anymore, "In Go We Trust" has been replaced by "In McDonalds We Are Lovin' It" It seemed happen about the same time the job market got diluted by foreigners, and employers dropped health insurance, which (believe me) every employer carried, even if it was slightly lame coverage, and for pumping gas part time. The fun was, if you worked 2-3 jobs, to get the coverage to overlap and bring down costs, which, again, ppl did.

4/22/14 FordV8 responds:

That's an ass, I've heard that too. That's legal they said.



haha I wish! I'm not nearly that creative

4/22/14 FordV8 responds:

Supergandhi never accepts my comments on her news posts, I always wonder why.



Hill St. Blue rings to mind... but the old stuff basically held the door open, like the guy eyes in A Clockwork Orange. Brow beat us into accepting soft core porn on public channels. The cable stuff is supposedly for adults w/out families, unless they can figure out how to block it... and then unblock it quick before the kids start rioting again....

My mind as somewhere else when I wrote this.

4/22/14 FordV8 responds:

Now that western religions are being left by the westerners themselves, there's nothing sacred anymore. Humans are getting closer to chimps, rise of the planet of the apes lol.



oh whoops! I did know you were being sarcastic. I thought you knew I was just playing as well. I'm not actually a black women lmao. My last post was just a rendition of a relatively new feminist copypasta against "rape culture" and I just replaced key words with multiculturalism and ethnic terms. Haha.

4/20/14 FordV8 responds:

Dayum bro I thought you're another supergandhi.



I've been on a retro TV show spree, reviewing stuff I saw when I watched TV the past 30 of my 40 years. 70's mostly okay, 80's starting to fall of the cliff, 90's complete psychological domination, perfect for shearing sheep. What made me think of that, and this post, was watching Miami Vice... it was like a rough version of Top Gear and modern cable series like Game of Thrones and the like - especially the 'sex scenes', which lasted for well over a minute in some cases! I found it hard to believe even as I watched, that this stuff actually aired on public TV. Only difference now, is that it's more fast paced, and better looking, with even more diffuse subject matter.

4/20/14 FordV8 responds:

At least the 80's didn't have explicit sex scenes like in Spartacus today. The lewd stuff on TV trend was started by NYPD Blue.



Considering that most white men are either against multicultural enrichment or will be against multicultural enrichment at one point, there is no such thing as a white male oppressor. If a white male hasn't discriminated yet, having it brought to his attention in a way that illustrates the seriousness of the offense may prevent him from being a racist in the future, and if he has a history of extruding white supremacist behavior in the past and has not been reprimanded for it, then it's totally justifiable to accuse him of being a racist.

I think society needs to understand that racism and sexism can be anything that violates a woman or person of color. These groups' dignity, pride, self esteem, these can all be violated, and it is a very serious crime. I think multicultural enrichment should be strongly encouraged and fully embraced under the law and governing bodies across the entire world, not just in leftist European countries. It's important that white men become aware of what they are doing to women and those of different heritages with all their unwanted thoughts and actions, and belittlement for being genetically different.

For those that sarcastically saying only whites can be racist, you should know that a VICTIM of rancid white culture cannot be an oppressor. Shame on you for persecuting those who only wish to enhance global multicultural enrichment and seek equality amongst all men.

4/18/14 FordV8 responds:

You have a point but I was sarcastic at the last post, and what I meant was the white males are the oppressors, not the oppressed.
Yes, there was a time where colored people were persecuted and oppressed by the whiteys who enslaved them and not giving them the same rights and opportunities, but those days are long gone, racism is now considered a crime, everyone in first world countries have equal rights now, equal rights to get education and welfare, so we shouldn't bitch about those persecutions in the past anymore. Those who play victim complex are the ones who are too weak to compete in today's world.
And I don't think that multiculturalism is the right way, multiculturalism only brings hatery and jealously. Those who live in other people's house are the guests, therefore they should respect the ways and the rules of the masters in house.



I just think, that when you walk out your door, there should be civilization and a general moral structure. If I lived in a city, and saw people acting creepy, pervy and sluty outside... I wouldn't go outside |:

Yeah, I never bothered to try and watch some of those "pleb in front of the camera" videos. Pop culture doesn't need to be talked about, it's like watching steel filings drop from the gearwork of mass media - just perpetuating and glorifying crap.

4/18/14 (Updated 4/18/14) FordV8 responds:

Have you seen SF Gay Pride Parade? Yeech.. I wouldn't. I've seen Slutwalk Detroit, it's about women who don't want to be blamed for having sex. I think it's really dumb and pointless, people start justifying themselves for having too much sex? Why not just stop having sex? Jeez, people today are like animals.

I think there are too much sexual revolution, hedonism, and socialism propaganda on the TV and other popular medias these days, even more than it used to be a few years ago. They're really blatant and obvious. Parent's should stop spoiling their kids with too much electronics, video game, and internet or else they will be dumbed down as well.



I'm a strong, independent, proud, and beautiful black women. Shame on you for persecuting those who only wish to enhance global multicultural enrichment.

4/17/14 FordV8 responds:

Blame the white male oppressors, only white people can be racist.



Computer information systems? Yeah, that's the guy, supposedly big on YouTube, I read one or two articles of his in Wired, which I thankfully don't have a subscription to anymore....

4/17/14 FordV8 responds:

Angry video game nerd is the first one to start all these comedic video game reviews cancer on youtube, of course he's big. I heard he's making a movie now.


4/15/14 I include it because it's on topic, nothing more |: Reminds me of some photstuffs I saw in the 70's... NYC hobos, all shot in a dignified way....

Hey, you gonna watch the Pico party in Chat next weekend? The Angry Nerd might be there. Emily Youcis probably won't, tropish troll she is.

4/16/14 FordV8 responds:

Not heroic at all, but at least they're clothed. The only nasty thing on that pics is that thick hair growing out of her(?) armpit.
Sorry man, I've been busy lately. I'm taking CIS degree to get a better job. Who's this Angry Nerd btw? Angry video game nerd?



They're starting to. Ask Cyberdevil about the riots last year in Sweden; new immigrants, no work (worth taking, with taxes), no reason to learn a new language, living in a cheap part of town :\ The pervert agenda, is a perfect counterbalance to immigration.

4/15/14 FordV8 responds:

Nationalism in sweden and europe in general is seen as nazism by themselves these days, sweden nationalists are labeled as ku klux klans, the only right wing party only received 0.02% votes in the last election. I doubt they will change real soon.



Kids shouldn't have to see that sorta thing on field trips, or even adults without fair warning :p

4/13/14 (Updated 4/13/14) FordV8 responds:

I don't think anyone should see those things Vic, unless he/she went to the museum to masturbate to femdom and gay cuckold porns. Government's and EU's propaganda for feminism and immigrants acceptance has been strong and over the top these days, I wonder why most europeans haven't even realized that.